Drive-thru coffee planned for former Checkers; more proposed townhouses on the south side of Aiken

July 13 – A drive-thru-only cafe may be built in the near future on the site of the vacant Checkers fast food restaurant on Aiken’s Southside.

The Aiken Planning Commission voted 7-0 on Tuesday to recommend Aiken City Council approve a concept plan for Scooter’s Coffee and a rezoning application, with conditions.

According to the planning commission, the plaintiff, WalReedBevCo. LLC, to provide more traffic information, signage and dumpster location.

There are also other issues that should be resolved.

The Applicant wishes the zoning designation of the approximately 1 acre parcel located at 2223 Whiskey Road to be changed from General Business to Planned Commercial.

Scooter’s Coffee is a chain founded by Don and Linda Eckles in 1998. They opened their first drive-thru cafe in Bellevue, Nebraska.

There are now over 300 Scooter’s Coffee locations in over 20 states.

In addition to coffee, the menu includes teas, different types of frozen drinks, smoothies and ice cream based mixers.

Food options include spicy sausage burritos, maple waffle sandwiches and bacon ciabatta sandwiches, according to

Based on the concept plan for the proposed Scooter’s Coffee on Aiken’s Southside, the vacant 688 square foot Checkers Restaurant building would be demolished. A 664 square foot Scooter Café would then be built.

In June of this year, SCEF Real Estate Ventures LLC purchased the Checkers site for $510,000 from Carmella Sears, according to Aiken County land records.

The ladies closed permanently in the summer of 2019.

Tuesday’s meeting of the Planning Commission was held at the new municipal building in the town of Aiken on Chesterfield Street.

It was the first time the panel had met there.

In other action, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend City Council approve an application for water and sewer service for Clifton Place, a single-family townhouse development. of 171 units.

The townhouses would be located off Powderhouse Road on 34.3 acres, part of a 179.65 acre parcel

The development plan calls for the construction of 100 four-bedroom townhouses on lots 26 feet wide by 110 feet deep.

There would also be 71 3-bedroom townhouses on lots 20 feet wide by 110 feet deep.

The plaintiff was the CSRA Development Company in Augusta.

CSRA Development is also involved in the construction of a new housing estate, The Sanctuary, on Powderhouse Road near Athol Avenue.

The sanctuary, which is located near the proposed Clifton Square, was the first phase of the Watson Tract development, according to information provided with the Planning Commission meeting agenda.

Clifton Place would be the second phase.