Fire in the streets, mala in your sheets: Cafe’s incomplete drain leaves Serangoon residents furious, Singapore News

Residents of this HDB block of Serangoon can’t seem to get a break, it seems.

Earlier this month, the ground floor cafe under their four-storey block caught fire, one involving the kitchen exhaust pipe belonging to the cafe.

Around 20 people self-evacuated and one person was taken to hospital due to the May 14 incident.

Now the residents of this block face a new enemy: Mala fumes pumped into their homes from a half-built kitchen exhaust pipe, presumably to replace the one damaged in the fire.

In a Facebook post on Complaint Singapore yesterday (May 30), a resident living in Block 261, Serangoon Central Drive claimed that construction of the exhaust duct had stalled since May 17.

“However, the stalls have already started operating since then,” resident Brenda Zhining said.

She wrote that the mala shop “runs until almost 5 a.m.” and the cafe runs 24 hours a day, pumping dirty air through the incomplete exhaust duct and straight into their homes.

“Gas and smoke travel upwards – into our units and onto our laundry,” complained Zhining. “[We] I can’t even hang up the laundry because it will be full of smell.”

Even when they close their windows, the smell still permeates their homes, Zhining said in his post.

Prior to this incident, she said residents had never complained about the smell because the vent was working.

“We really need help this time,” Zhining pleaded. “We are unable to do anything.”

“Please, while business is important, have a heart,” she also added.

In his post, there were construction materials such as sheet metal, a ladder, and even an articulated boom lift left in a corner of this HDB block.

These were left untouched for two to three weeks, Zhining said.

AsiaOne has contacted HDB, Marine Parade City Council, the Singapore Food Agency and the cafe’s owner for comment.

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