“I went to the cafe at Wimbledon where you might spot Andy Murray’s mother and I felt like tennis royalty” – Alexandra Bullard

With the famous SW19 summer tennis tournament fast approaching, Londoners are gearing up for action on the court. Yes, the tennis matches might be the main event this year, but Wimbledon means so much more than live sport.

Everyone’s favorite tennis mum, Judy Murray (yes, Andy Murray’s mum) is already making the buzz and recently shared her favorite Wimbledon cafe on Twitter with her followers. Although I want it to be kept secret, I feel compelled to tell you about it.

She posted on social media: “If you’re heading to @wimbledon + you like a ‘good’ coffee, there’s a cafe on the road to the courts from Southfields tube station called ‘Drop Shot’. is on the left side and it’s fabulous.”

Whether you’re a sports fan or not, one thing everyone loves is coffee and food. It was time to head to this venue, grab some food, and (hopefully) spot the tennis legends in the flesh.

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Although I want to keep it secret, I feel compelled to tell you about Drop Shot

Arriving in Southfields on a scorching hot day, I already knew straight away that I was in SW19. With its village vibe, high class cafes and pubs – this pretty place has its own magic in the summer and I feel 1000 miles from London.

Drop Shot is only a three minute walk from the station – so far so good, Judy. There are plenty of outdoor tables and chairs outside as the temperatures are scorching when I visit. However, I like to go inside to spot celebrities.

The café can be described in two words: classy and pretty. If you’ve watched Wimbledon, you’ll know that’s exactly what the atmosphere is like – so the cafe did well to create the same energy.

I can’t think of a better excuse for great coffee and tasty food

Everything is clean and simple, with some green foliage added and tennis rackets on the walls to remind customers that this is a typical Wimbledon cafe. I managed to sit by the window and peruse the menu while watching everyone who passes by in case I saw tennis royalty.

The menu is a very cute highlight of Drop Shot. Each dish and snack has a tennis innuendo or pun, which makes this cafe even more unique. You have ‘The Break Point’, ‘The Volley’ and ‘The Grass Court’ to name a few, and additional sides have been labeled ‘The Second Serve’.

I decide to go for ‘The Smash’

I decide to go for ‘The Smash’ (£6.95) which is basically smashed avocado on toast, with lemon, chilli flakes and micro herbs. I also order a frozen oatmeal latte (£3.75) to wash down my food. I’ll admit my order is basic and boring – but that’s just who I am and I won’t apologize.

My food arrives within five minutes and considering the cafe is packed with customers, I’m relatively impressed. I stop myself from eating too quickly otherwise it will be game, set and match in five minutes.

The meal is tasty, but not mind-blowing. I could definitely do it myself at home. The bread generally looks grainy, a bit boring – like something you would buy in a supermarket. The avocado enhances the dish with its buttery taste, but it’s not a flavor bomb. It’s good, I liked it but I was not blown away, that’s all.

However, the coffee buzz makes up for it. There’s nothing quite like witnessing the hype of Wimbledon, and I feel very lucky to be in one of London’s most desirable residential areas.

Whether you’re watching the action from Center Court, Henman Hill or from the comfort of your own sofa, you can still feel like you’re at the tournament without even buying a ticket. I can’t think of a better excuse to grab some great coffee and tasty food while enjoying the magic and – who knows – you might bump into a Murray or two.

Wimbledon starts on the 27th e June and ends on 10 e July. The tournament will be shown on BBC One and BBC services.

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