Mesa Coffee Shop Organic Bean Cafe expands to serve Arizona wine

On Friday, June 3, the Organic Bean Cafe in downtown Mesa celebrated its fifth anniversary by expanding its operations from organic, gluten-free coffee shop to Arizona Wine Bar.

“We always wanted to make wine here. We thought it would be so beautiful,” says Rachael Boontjer, owner and operator of the small cafe. “We also thought it would never happen.”

Everything lined up for Boontjer and partner Ashton Dooley recently when the retail space behind their store opened. It was the sign they were waiting for, she said. Currently, Organic Bean has a coffee counter, stools, and a handful of chairs and tables in addition to an outdoor patio. The new space will allow the Doontjers and Dooleys to expand the café and add more tables and wine displays to refine the ambiance of the wine bar.

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Organic Bean Cafe currently includes a small cafe and outdoor patio. It will soon expand.

Allison Trebacz

“What I hope to bring is a boutique wine bar experience,” says Boontjer. “You know before dinner, wine, or just something different because it’s going to be just wine, and it’s going to be local Arizona wines.”

Until the space is full, the coffee will help start the wine program. Wine will be available on Fridays only between 5 and 8 p.m., served by the glass for $12-$17 or by the flight. Cold brew coffee will also be available in case you fancy a coffee during wine hour, however, the space will not be a full-service cafe during this time.

Organic Bean plans to continue serving coffee during its regular hours of 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. They are closed on Sunday and Monday.

Click to enlarge Organic Bean Cafe (or OBC) is located on Macdonald's in The Greenbelt space in Mesa.  It is a minute's walk from the heart of Main Street.  - ALLISON TREBACZ

Organic Bean Cafe (or OBC) is located on Macdonald’s in The Greenbelt space in Mesa. It is a minute’s walk from the heart of Main Street.

Allison Trebacz

Boontjer is passionate about organic ingredients and sustainability and guests can expect this attention to detail to extend to the wine selection. Currently, it serves wine from LDV Winery in Pearce, AZ, but plans to add more wines through a partnership with Orangewood Distributors and other local wineries.

As Organic Bean expands its winery operation, hours of operation will lengthen accordingly. Boontjer and Dooley hope to host wine tastings, events with local sommeliers and possibly bring in food trucks when they move into their new space.

In the meantime, customers can enjoy their coffee and exclusive Friday-only tastings.

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40 N Macdonald, Mesa