Mitchell Man proposes to build cafe, drive-thru cafe on vacant Sanborn Boulevard lot – Mitchell Republic

MITCHELL — A Mitchell man plans to turn vacant land along Sanborn Boulevard into a drive-thru coffee shop.

Patrick Haines purchased 417 N. Sanborn Blvd. land with the aim of building a cafe and cafe on busy Mitchell Street. However, Haines indicated that securing a city-required drainage plan could jeopardize the plan.

“The plan I’m proposing here is to put a little drive-thru cafe, a snack restaurant,” Haines said at the recent Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

The 10-by-17-foot building that Haines proposes to construct next to Domino’s would be located in the middle of the small lot. Drawings submitted to the city show the drive-thru would wrap around the building. The drive-thru entrance and exit would be accessible from Sanborn Boulevard.

Haines purchased the land from Mitchell’s property manager, Boyd Reimnitz. The land housed an aging dwelling house. Before Haines bought the land, Reimnitz demolished the house.

Although Haines is required to submit a drainage plan to build the cafe, he claimed the improvements he has already made to the property will eliminate drainage issues.

“The improvements to the property are well under 10% of the total land area, so there won’t be any drainage issues,” Haines said, noting that he built a slope on the land that will drain the water towards Sanborn Boulevard.

Director of Public Works Joe Schroeder said the main reason behind requiring the engineer’s site plan is to verify that the drainage from Haines would not encroach on neighboring properties.

Haines said talks with local engineering firms have not gone well, saying an engineer-approved site plan could delay the project by six to eight months. Haines said paying the bill for a site plan — which he said was $12,000 — would also make the project unobtainable.

“I’m just going to withdraw my applications, and you can find another guy who wants to come over there, or you can buy the property from me,” Haines told the Planning and Zoning Commission at the May 23 meeting. .

Although the Planning and Zoning Commission has approved the plan with the possibility of an engineer-approved drainage plan, it is unclear whether Haines will go ahead with the coffee and coffee business. .