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Find out why some customers think this minority-owned business was targeted for hateful anti-cop graffiti…

The Mocha Express the cafe is spray painted with two-story graffiti, with a derogatory slogan acronym.

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When the employees arrived to open the Mocha Express cafe at 1951 SE 82nd Avenue of Roses, early Wednesday, July 13, they were shocked to find their building covered in spray-painted graffiti.

Although no other nearby businesses or buildings were targeted, this cafe was defaced with a two-story high spray-painted letter. On the facade of the building was scribbled “A TAXI– the acronym frequently used by Antifa-affiliated anarchists and believed to stand for “All Cops Are Bastards”.

The windows were easily cleaned; removing the paint from the coating will require the expertise of a graffiti removal team.

“Those who come to the Slow Neighborhood Livability Association (LNLA) Coffee with a cop The July meeting captured the meaning of the graffiti,” said LNLA member Char Pennie, who attended the event. “We learned from the workers there that the [co-owned] coffee cart at the northeast corner of SE Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard and Powell Boulevard, had also been showered with such slurs against police officers.

When Portland Police Bureau officers who attended the neighborhood meeting were asked about it, they had little to say, Pennie noted. “There was a district officer on duty there, unrelated to the meeting, taking a police report [on the graffiti].

It takes the graffiti removal specialists a good part of the day to clean the building.

“It’s clear to many of us that this company was targeted because they allowed our ‘chat with a cop’ to meet here,” Pennie observed. The Coffee with a cop the group told the director that they would like to contribute to the cleanup effort; but the manager politely declined their effort, telling them the owner would come with a pressure washer to clean the building.

However, cleaning up the graffiti, spanning two floors, proved to be a challenge. Apparently the owner – who refused to speak with East Portland News – found it necessary to hire a professional graffiti removal company.

Experts Using Specialized Solvents, Scrubbing and Pressure Washing Finally Removed Vandalism From This Store’s Paint.

you can help Mocha Express by visiting them, ordering a drink and a snack and leaving a generous tip. Again, it is located at 1951 SE 82nd Avenue of Roses. To view their website, CLICK HERE.

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