Norwich Golden Triangle Dyrrah cafe opens pizzeria

10:22 am April 25, 2022

A popular cafe in the city has expanded its horizons by transforming into a pizzeria in the evening.

Dyrrah Coffee in Earlham Road now serves authentic pizzas between 5pm and 10pm Tuesday to Sunday to the delight of new and regular customers.

The Golden Triangle cafe submitted plans to Norwich City Council in February to extend its opening hours to facilitate expansion.

The team at Dyrrah Coffee in Earlham Road, which opened a pizzeria in the evening. From left to right, Nico Seidaj, owner; Samanta Sartauskaite, head waitress; Indrit Seidaj, owner; and Igne Buinauskaite, owner
– Credit: Denise Bradley

Owner Nico Seidaj said: “Our journey has been a rollercoaster. We opened a cafe three years ago, and it’s been really tough.

“But we have a lot of locals who got to know us and the community helped us.

“When the pandemic hit, we adapted and I think that helped put us on the map. A lot of people then found out about us because we stayed open for takeout.

“After that, business really picked up. A lot of parents came by the school and told us it would be nice if we stayed home at night, because there’s really nothing in that area.

“People want a glass of wine, beer, with hearty food.

“And with our experience in a pizzeria, this adventure was a no-brainer for us.”

Italian by birth, Nico previously worked as a pizzaiolo – a pizza maker – in his home country, and takes the tastes of good coffee and pizza seriously.

    Nico Seidaj, owner, making pizzas at the Dyrrah cafe in Earlham Road, which opened a pizzeria in t

Nico Seidaj makes pizzas at Dyrrah Coffee in Earlham Road
– Credit: Denise Bradley

“The response has been fantastic,” he added.

“People have asked us a lot about this. We have a lot of requests from our customers.

“He was one of them. Time will tell if we made the right decision.

“We are excited but a little scared too.

“Our day trade – people who come for coffee – said they would come, but we have no idea what it will do. We don’t take reservations, so we’re prepared to be busy.

“We remain positive and happy here. We can’t wait to see what this new venture will bring to Earlham House and Norwich.

“It’s a lovely place with an equally lovely community. We are overwhelmed with love.”