Owners of Elgin Cafes raise a cup to new beginnings

ELGIN, IL — After six successful and delicious years as owners and operators of the Arabica Café, Chef Brian and Diane Stanton are hanging up their aprons to retire to sunny Las Vegas.

They are looking for a buyer for the coffee – ideally, an active owner who will build on the stellar reputation, loyal customer base and range of elite product offerings that Arabica has built since 2016.

The Arabica Café is a pandemic success story. The artisan cafe and bakery from scratch has maintained customer loyalty and a healthy bottom line throughout the worst restaurant closures, and it continues to benefit from a steady increase in foot traffic, online orders and the resulting profitability.

Notwithstanding the premium, daydream-worthy pastries, tea, and espresso, much of Arabica’s success is due to the culmination of the Stantons’ past experience in marketing, coffee, and catering. Entrepreneurs at heart, the married business partners have joined forces for the final chapter of their careers to fulfill their dream of owning a cafe.

“It was our retirement plan,” says Diane. “We opened the Arabica Café for fun — to work together as a last hurray because we had always talked about opening a café. So, we did it!”

Now they hope Arabica can fulfill that same dream for a new owner – a buyer who can walk to ready-made success and enjoy the fruits of their labor without the labor and risk of a new venture.


An artisan bakery and café known for its homemade pastries, high-quality beans, friendly staff and cozy atmosphere, the Arabica Café has become a breakfast and lunch staple in Elgin.

Located in the heart of downtown Elgin at 59 Douglas Avenue, its alluring, understated presence entices passers-by with its sweet aromas and inviting patio tables, transporting guests to a Parisian café without ever leaving home.

And more than cinnamon cyclones and perfect latte foam, Arabica is a mainstay in the Elgin community. In response to the 2020 pandemic, Arabica started offering small loaves of homemade bread to anyone who needed it, just to make life a little brighter during tough times. To date, they have distributed over 15,000 loaves.

In short, the Arabica Café is a pearl.

“To see Arabica thrive, even during a pandemic, has been such a privilege,” says Diane. “It’s a special place, and it’s brought so much joy to us, our staff and our community. But it’s time for Arabica to bring joy to someone new.”

The Stantons are looking for someone who truly deserves to buy the Arabica Café, hoping for a fiery entrepreneur who has a passion for Elgin, excellence and espresso.

“We’re excited about our next chapter, but we’re equally excited to see Arabica continue to thrive,” says Diane. “With the right owner, we are confident Arabica will be an Elgin staple for decades to come.”

Chef Brian and Diane are planning to host a retirement party/meet the new owner at the Arabica Café in the coming months. Details will be shared on social media. In the meantime, they invite you to stop for a sandwich or a cyclone and raise the cup to new beginnings.

Interested buyers should email [email protected] to request a viewing and sales kit.