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Last week, we brought you Part 1 of this suburban coffeehouse roundup, covering great independent spots in the western suburbs of Ottawa. This week we have a selection of awesome cafes in the southern and eastern suburbs. Enjoy!

Anabia Cupcakery Cafe, 3570 Strandherd Drive, Barrhaven

Tucked away in a small square like a cozy hideaway from all the big-box chains like Wal-Mart, Staples and Loblaws, Anabia’s star products are their beautifully made cupcakes, of course, which also include gluten options and vegan. They also offer other gourmet artisan snacks – pretty much every baked candy you can think of – and Beau’s beer. Sometimes they house an open mic, which would be fun to try, especially since there’s an upright piano in the corner. It is ideally located close to cycle paths and the local skatepark, providing a charming little haven of relaxation.

Cafe Cristal, 240 Kennevale Drive, Barrhaven

Crystal Coffee. Pictured: Gloria Song.

I was surprised to find this cafe in Barrhaven, an elegant dining room with charming Victorian decor that reminds me of a tea room. When I went it was packed with fashionably dressed patrons, even though it was 2pm on a Monday. The cafe serves breakfast and lunch items, including pancakes, and what looks like an endless array of sweets. It’s a great place that could serve many social functions, from impressing a date to catching up with friends while feeling a little classy or even meeting co-workers outside of the office. I would also like to spoil my mother here. It’s quite a unique place – I’ve never seen anything like it in Barrhaven.

Café Qui Pense, 204 Main Street, Old Ottawa East

Interior of the Cafe Who Thinks. Pictured: Gloria Song.

A short walk from Saint Paul University, this little cafe sits between the Singing Pebble bookstore and the 3 Trees gift shop, which honestly is the perfect place to grab a coffee. Once you’ve ordered your vegan and gluten-free brownie and latte, you can go next door to browse books, jewelry, and clothing. This cafe is small, with only a few tables for dining, but still provides a serene ambiance to enjoy your book.

The Art of Bean, 16-1439 Youville Drive, Orleans

Niche gallery at The Art of Bean. Pictured: Gloria Song.

The first time I tried to find this cafe, I walked right past it. It’s so inconspicuous from the outside that I joked with my friends that it was a secret cafe. Located next to a music school in an esplanade near a car dealership in Orleans’ industrial park, the Art of Bean opened its doors late last fall. Once inside, you can’t help but wonder, “Am I really still in…Orléans? As well as serving delicious lattes, the cafe also doubles as an art gallery (the niche) featuring inspiring local artwork on the walls. The owners hope to be able to use it as an event space to also host artists. It’s a convenient option for refueling on caffeine and sugary treats after swimming or going wild at the Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex skatepark, just minutes away. Luckily they just got a bigger sign last week, so hopefully other people won’t miss it!

Café Latte Cino, 2020 Tenth Line Road, Orléans

Interior of Cafe Latte Cino. Pictured: Gloria Song.

It is a popular weekend meeting place for Orleans residents. It’s no wonder, as Café Latte Cino has an extensive menu to suit almost any craving. Looking for an ice cream to cool off on a hot day? Pastries for your sweet tooth? Waffles or pancakes for breakfast? Sandwiches or salads for dessert? Café Latte Cino offers all of these things and more. I was curious about their savory crepes and enjoyed their pesto chicken crepe with my latte. If you need a break while shopping in Orleans, this place is worth a visit, if you can find a spot. Of course, if you can’t find a table, all of their items are also available to take away.

Green Bean Café and Smoothie Bar, 1791 Kilborn Avenue

Interior of the Green Bean Cafe. Pictured: Gloria Song.

This little cafe in the Alta Vista neighborhood sits between a Lebanese grocery store and a video rental store, which I didn’t realize still existed. It offers a laid-back, down-to-earth setting, like lounging in a cabin, especially with its wood-themed interior decor. I treated myself to what was described as a cookies and cream flavored “cookie”, even though it was so big and round like a ball that it looked more like a cookie homage than a classic. The Café offers coffees, including alcoholic beverages!, and healthy smoothies, as well as breakfast and lunch items. There’s also a fridge full of take-out options if you want to enjoy dessert at home, perhaps with your rented movie on the side.

The Green Bean Café cookie. Pictured: Gloria Song.