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What’s more important for a perfect cup of coffee? The roast ? Or the beans?

“It’s all in the roast,” at least according to Carla Wroten who co-owns Steady Eddy’s Coffee Shop alongside her husband, Jamell Wroten.

Steady Eddy’s Coffee House, located at 5 E. Main St., has been an integral part of Winters’ food and coffee scene for 17 years. About eight of those wonderful years have been under Carla and Mell’s watch.

How were they able to sustain their success? According to Carla Wroten, the Winters community played an important role.

“It’s the perfect community to be a part of,” she said. “They kiss us. I love being in the middle of all the activity and networking with other business owners. It’s great for our customers to become our friends and family. I think the most special thing about the store is that everyone in town has a connection with it. I would say it’s everyone’s coffee, not just ours. People look forward to that kind of unique connection that sometimes doesn’t happen anymore. »

“We are so community driven. It’s just who we are,” Wroten continued. “It’s such a special place where you can meet half the community and get in-person updates in real life. It’s really special to be able to connect with the people at the store. We care really each other.

Although they didn’t have the original idea for the store, Wroten sees it and her husband as a continuation of the store’s legacy and soul rather than starting it from scratch.

A guest orders coffee at Steady Eddy’s Coffee House. (Sarah Dowling/Daily Democrat)

“It’s a beautiful thing to take over from someone else,” Wroten explained. “A previous owner came by the other day, and we mentioned how great it was to have him come back and see his work still here and how we’re building on his legacy, trying to make him better than he is. couldn’t have imagined. It was really meant to be because when we took over we couldn’t have had better luck taking over a place that was so loved before we arrived.”

They also feel lucky to have been welcomed to such a fantastic place.

“We wouldn’t be here today if the previous owners hadn’t opened this place,” she said. “The opportunity for us wouldn’t have been there if it hadn’t been for a takeover. You don’t have the opportunity to own a place in that specific place every day.

The specific location and community was not only vital for them to open up during the pandemic in any way possible, but it also helped them thrive going out. Steady Eddy’s was recently named Yolo County Small Business of the Year for 2021 by Senator Bill Dodd.

“It’s so exciting to be nominated, and I think it really validated all of our efforts to not only survive but thrive Steady Eddy’s over the past few years,” Wroten said. “It was a nice feeling to see people recognize not only our efforts, but those of our entire team. It was just a really good time for us.

Carla and Mell couldn’t have been more perfect for the role of owners, as they enjoy the ins and outs of the roasting process and their creativity.

“It’s like baking,” Wroten explained. “There are a lot of variations when you approach roasting. What origin of the beans do you want. Floor. Elevation. The climate. How do you roast, and for how long. All this contributes to the taste. When people aren’t used to drinking good coffee, they tend to say that coffee doesn’t really taste good. This is where I like to change people’s minds. Coffee can also be good. The taste should be important. I need a good coffee.

Wroten is adjusting to the “new normal” that has happened as the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be in its twilight. She mentioned a positive attitude and energy that radiates around the town of Winters and is shared by other business leaders as well.

Wroten hopes that even more people will be able to discover their coffee shop.

“I think our coffee has a soul,” Wroten said. “Its success does not depend on anyone. It depends on the situation as a whole. We hire nice people. I always hire kindness. These are the people I want to represent to us. We have great potential to positively impact someone’s life. People come here to socialize. Our store provides a happy place for people and a consistent place. People really count on us.

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