We tried the new Lincoln cafe and were amazed by their red velvet cake

Located in a prime location for college-bound students, a new cafe has arrived in Lincoln that offers plenty of options for passers-by. Coffee Depot is located on Carolme Road and opened on Tuesday April 12.

The cafe has an industrial interior with modernized wooden decor and bulb lighting that creates a relaxed and warm ambiance. From sourdough sandwiches to red velvet cakes, there were plenty of options for food as well as hot drinks, smoothies and milkshakes.

Coffee Depot is located on the corner of Depot Street and just a five minute walk from downtown Lincoln. When visited on Tuesday 19th April around 1pm the cafe was very busy and only seems to have become well established in its first week of operation.

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Red velvet cake at Café Dépôt

There were wooden tables inside as well as a sofa and easily accessible charging points for visitors who wanted to study while there. We ordered a red velvet cake for £3, a latte for £3, as well as a mango, pineapple and orange smoothie for £3.80 and a tomato and pesto sourdough toastie for £3.60.

Although the prices may be higher than some other cafes, the quality of what we ordered was worth it. We also got 25% off our order, an offer running through Friday, April 22.

Cafe Depot Latte
Cafe Depot Latte

The red velvet cake was soft and creamy and was definitely the highlight. It had a perfectly plush texture with just the right amount of red velvet cream to complement the sponge.

The smoothie also tasted very fresh with all the flavors popping out. The latte art by 24-year-old Brad Houston, who is the head barista and assistant manager, was also a nice touch.

While the menu was simple, there were plenty of vegetarian options and also an array of specialties. The cafe is also run by 25-year-old Alice Foster, who has been hired by two owners as manager.

Sourdough Toast at Coffee Depot
Sourdough Toast at Coffee Depot

Alice said: “Opening week has been very busy. We are well located with students as there is a lot of foot traffic with people going to work.

“It’s a bit quiet in the morning but lunchtime and afternoon are very busy.” She added: “We went with the vibe of a very rustic, bare bones theme and people can come in and use the wifi. It’s like a home away from home

Alice said she had worked in the hospitality industry since she was 14 and mainly focused on cakes and cafe food, while Brad focused on coffee making and marketing the business.